Practice is better than theory

Give it a try!

first exercises

Try wingsurfing

You would like to know what it’s like to hold a wing in your hands and how to use it in a controlled manner.

You would also like to find out more about the new trend sport of wing surfing?

Then the trial lesson is definitely the right thing for you

What to expect

  • Setting up the wing
  • Introduction to the basics of wingsurfing and wingfoiling
  • First exercises with the wing on land

incl. wing, board & wind guarantee

Start & dates



Kite courses start every Friday and Saturday, as well as Monday and Wednesday
(freely selectable for 2 or more people)

Duration of the course

insgesamt ca. 1 Stunden


Experienced and well trained team of instructors

Our sophisticated training concept and our experience in wing surfing guarantee rapid learning success


We will help you with your first exercises with the wing up to controlled handling

The first step

You will gain in-depth knowledge of wing surfing and wing foiling, which can also be very helpful for future wing courses.