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What is kitesurfing or kiteboarding?

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a fascinating fun water sport with thus far unknown dynamic taking advantage of nature’s elements. 
Compared to windsurfing, instead of a surfing sail you have a kite in your hands that is steered with a bar. Also, kitesurf boards are way shorter and easier to maneuver than windsurf boards. With a little exercise and skill, you can jump for several seconds and a couple of meters high – this is pure adrenaline!! 

What do I need for kitesurfing?

First and foremost, you will need a kite in a size that is adjusted to your weight as well as the current wind force. For steering the kite, you will need a bar with associated lines. Also, you will need a board whose size and shape will differ regarding your skill level as well as the wind force.  Harness and wetsuit complete your kitesurfing equipment. Compared to windsurfing, the big upside is the smaller size and lighter weight of your equipment – makes traveling a lot easier. 

How can I learn how to kite surf?

In order to learn how to kite surf at the lake Neusiedl, other lakes or the ocean, it is strongly recommended to take lessons at a certified kite surf school. There, qualified and experienced instructors will guide you safely step by step. At first, you will learn how to steer a kite on shore. As soon as you feel comfortable with the kite’s pull and have mastered the first exercises successfully, we take you in the water. 
With tube kites you will practice the handling waterborne. You will be able to get to know the force of a kite and let yourself be pulled while lying on your stomach. After that you will already try your first board starts and maybe get lucky to even ride a few meters on our beautiful lake. 

Where does kitesurfing come from?

Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding started out in the 1980s. Cory Roeseler from Oregon began developing a kite ski system (a stiff framed kite) that he primarily used together with water skis. Around the same time, the Legaignoux brothers in France were working on their kitesurfing system. They actually already used a tube kite – recognizable by their round shape. The name comes from inflated air tubes that provide stability and allow a relaunch from the water. 
In the late 1990s, kitesurfing became more popular. This happened mainly due to promoting pioneers in Hawaii and France as well as crucial safety improvements of the existing kite systems. Since then, some famous athletes can be found among the kite surfers, e.g. Robby Naish, Flash Austin, Martin Vari and many more. 

What kite equipment is suitable for beginners?

The year 2005 brought an important change to our sport: The bow kite was born. Bow kites and their recent hybrid developments bring great benefits not only to beginners but also to more advanced kiters. Compared to their C-shaped predecessors bow kites offer many advantages such as great wind range and easy relaunch. Their most important benefits are the depower mechanisms that were unattained before and provide immense controllability and safety to the kiter. 

We at Kiteriders have been using bow kites ever since 2006, and recommend this kind of kite to all beginners and intermediate riders. The kite size always has to be adjusted to the kiter’s weight as well as the current wind force. For the first board starts we recommend a board size between 145 and 150cm. This will provide you with the needed buoyancy and will be more forgiving. Bigger boards are also quite comfortable for light wind sessions. Switching to a smaller board only makes senses, as soon as you have mastered the kite steering and riding successfully. 

What happens if a course is cancelled or rescheduled due to weather conditions?

In case of weather related cancellation, we will provide you with a voucher for every teaching unit that could not (yet) be realized. With this voucher you will be able to pick a date of your choice for your next lesson (a quick call for reservation is all you need).

It is for your instructor to decide if conditions require rescheduling. Too light or very strong winds (danger!), as well as unpleasant temperatures of water and air might be possible reasons for a cancellation. 

Are the entry fees for the beach included?

Over night stays in Podersdorf (guest house, hotel or camping area) already include the entry fees for the beach. Single-day guests will have to pay for a normal day ticket without kite or surf surcharge. 

You would like to organize a company trip of a different kind?

Always a good idea! We would love to customize this event to your needs. Just contact us via email, or give us a quick call. 

Why take lessons in a kite school at the lake Neusiedl?

Kitesurfing can be dangerous, if you should try to teach yourself how to do it,  also kiting at the lake Neusiedl can be. 
Well-trained instructors in our kite school will provide you with the necessary know how, skills, and safety measures, while radio guidance and motor boat assistance will ensure your safety at all times. We will prepare you especially for critical situations and weather conditions at our lake. This will significantly minimize your risk of injury and you will be able to profit from this knowledge on any other kitesurfing spot. 

What prerequisites need to be met in order to learn how to kitesurf?

Basically, there is no prior knowledge needed for learning how to kitesurf at the lake Neusiedl or any other spot in the world. The only thing you need to be able to do is swim independently for at least 30 minutes. Everything else you will learn during one of our many different courses, customized to your needs and appetite for progress. Step by step we will guide you to become a safe and skilled kitesurfer. After only 2 to 3 days of training you will be already be able to enjoy your first achievements at our beautiful lake. 


Where is the best spot to learn how to kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is best learned in shallow waters. Kiting at the lake Neusiedl offers optimal conditions especially for beginners. The lake Neusiedl is among the best kitesurfing spots in the world, not least because of its general shallow depth and pleasant winds. 

Again, we would like to emphasize the importance of taking lessons at a certified kite school before kiting at the lake Neusiedl.  

Expedient lessons with motor boat assistance and radio guidance, our well-developed teaching concept and long-standing experience as well as the most recent and beginner-friendly equipment guarantee your fast and safe progress. 

You would like to give this amazing sport a try? You want fast progress and professional training at the lake Neusiedl?  
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info – we look forward to hearing from you! 

What does a proper kite surf gear cost?

An all new complete kitesurf set will cost around EUR 2000,-. If you buy used equipment it might be around half of the original price. 
However, it is advisable to take a course before buying your own kitesurfing equipment. 
Here at Kiteriders, we offer our students to deduct the price of the course when they buy kitesurfing gear. That way you will have top gear that fits your needs 100%, and get a free kitesurfing course on the side. Furthermore, you can always test the latest and newest kites and boards. 

Are there discounts for students and pupils?

For pupils and students, we offer 10 to 15% discount on all our courses.

I have booked a course but cannot come?

In case of last minute cancellation, we have to bill you for the incurred costs as follows: 
7 days prior to the course date 20% of the course price, 3 days prior to the course 50% and 1 day prior to the course or on the very day you will have to pay 100% of the course price. Please understand, we can only provide a limited contingent of course places. 

I would like to book a kite course with a group, are there any discounts?

We constantly offer different discounts for groups and friends. Have a look at the section “goody” on our homepage, there we post all our ongoing offers. 

I would like to book a course for a whole group, can we stay among us?

Starting from 8 PAX we are able to fulfill your wishes for a private group course. It is also possible with less than 8 people, however we will have to bill you for the price of eight.