Wing Courses

Our wing courses at a glance

wing courses


Wing courses for every level


Trail Course / Wing Handling

Wingsurfing for beginners

1/2 Day Course / The Basics

Wingfoil for Motivated

1 Day Course / Intensive Training

For Aspiring Professionals

2 Days Combi / Learn and Practice

Further Training

Pivate Lessons / The Next Step

For Peace Seekers

Boatservice / Special Training


Maximum of 4 students per teacher

Training in small groups.
Best learning progress due to optimal support. (free of charge)

No Hidden Costs

The price includes all the material needed for wingsurfing as well as neoprene, harness and shoes

Experienced and trained team of teachers

A sophisticated training concept and our experience in wing surfing guarantee rapid learning progress

Small Groups

The fewer people, the more you learn.

Wind Guarantee

Freely selectable replacement date in case of weather-related cancellation of a course or course unit

Best Infrastructure

Toilets, hot showers, restaurant, well-kept lawn and chill-out area right next to the kite school

Why our kite school?

good reasons