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Welcome to the kiteschool Kiteriders

Beginners and advanced riders – everyone is welcome to our school. Adapted to your learning appetite, we offer kitesurfing courses from a try-out day to intensive training courses.

Our kite school directly at the Top Spot Podersdorf at Lake Neusiedl

With a lot of action and even more fun, our kitesurfing courses offer the ideal conditions to learn kitesurfing or to significantly improve your kite surfing skills.

Competent kite instructors, many years of training experience paired with a well-proven training concept guarantee a quick learning success. Due to small groups of students, your kite instructor always has you in his vision. With the latest technology, you will never feel alone because with radio guidance, you always have your teacher in your ear. Beginner-friendly gear also helps you with the first attempts and brings ease and joy to your kite surfing experience.

What else we have to offer

You can expect the most not only from our courses but also between and after the lessons you won’t miss out on anything.

After successful sessions hot showers await you at our school. Also rest rooms and changing rooms are available, as well as lockers for your personal belongings.

You want to “share” your positive experiences right away or just use the internet otherwise? No problem! We have free Wi-Fi in the kite school.

Drinks and snacks in the immediate vicinity additionally provide the perfect all around well being.
Come and enjoy the legendary sunsets in Podersdorf on our comfortable pallet furniture right in front of the kite school.

An eye-catcher

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We are the world

free WiFi in the school

Beste Infrastrukture

hot showers and rest rooms available next door

In good hands

free lockers available for your personal belongings

Physical well-being

Drinks and snacks in the immediate vicinity

Very Important

Relax and enjoy our legendary sunsets in front of the school

Why exactly our kiteschool?

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