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Kitesurfing at the lake Neusiedl, learn how to kitesurf in Austria

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a fascinating new fun sport with an unequalled dynamic making use of nature’s forces.  Compared to windsurfing, when kitesurfing you hold a kite in your hands instead of a surfing sail. However, kite boards are substantially shorter, and kites are steered with a bar. With a little exercise you will be able to jump for a couple of seconds long and several meters high – this is pure adrenaline!! 

What do I need for kitesurfing?

Firstly, you will need a kite, suitable for your weight and the current wind conditions. For steering, you will need a bar with corresponding lines. Thirdly, you will need a board whose size and shape may vary according to wind conditions and skills. Harness and wetsuit complete the basic equipment. One huge advantage over windsurfing is that the kitesurfing equipment is way lighter and smaller. 

How can I learn how to kitesurf?

In order to learn how to kite surf at the lake Neusiedl or any other spot in the world, it is absolutely necessary to take lessons at a kite school. There, you will be introduced to the sport step by step. Firstly, you will learn how to steer trainer kites on land. As soon as you get accustomed to the pull of the kite, we will take you into the water. Subsequently, you will learn the kite handling with a tube kite. While getting to know the full range and power of the kite, you may be able to let yourself be dragged through the water. If you have mastered this step successfully, you will already have your first attempts with the board. Who knows, maybe you will be riding your first meters right away!

Why take kitesurfing classes and why at the lake Neusiedl?

Kitesurfing can be dangerous, if you should try to learn it just by yourself – anywhere. When taking lessons at a professional kite school, you will learn the proper kite handling, safety measures and will be prepared for critical situations at our lake as well as any other spot in the world. Participating in a kitesurf course may reduce your risk of injury when kitesurfing by far. Also, you will obtain profound knowledge about the sport and its techniques that will help you be safe and have lots of fun at the lake Neusiedl as well as any other spot. 

Are there any prerequisites for kitesurfing?

Generally, there are no special requirements for kitesurfing. We offer several different kitesurf courses for beginners that will get you to ride soon. Our courses will guide you through the process step by step. Even absolute beginners have their first successes after only 2 to 3 days of training at the lake Neusiedl.

Where is the best place to learn how to kitesurf?

The best and safest way to learn how to kite surf is in shallow water where you have ground. Kitesurfing at the lake Neusiedl offers great conditions especially for beginners. Prevailing winds and shallow waters facilitate kitesurfing at the lake Neusiedl. Our lake is one of the best spots for beginners worldwide.

At this point, we want to recommend again to take lessons at a professional kite school. Long-standing experience, a well-trained instructor team, the latest beginner friendly equipment and a safe training environment guarantee your safe and fast progress in this amazing sport. 

You are interested in kitesurfing in Austria? You want to learn how to kitesurf quickly and in a professional way? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more info. We look forward to meeting you! 

The kite school at the northern beach in Podersdorf

Nordstrand 1
7141 Podersdorf

Our kite school is located directly at the northern beach in Podersdorf with direct access to the lake. (surf shop, parking lots, changing rooms as well as bathrooms and showers are within close proximity.)


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