Learn and practise

Our 5 Day-Combination

Apply learned knowledge

5 Day-Course

You want to learn the most important skills in kiting and enjoy practicing on your own.

Then the 5 Day-Course is just right for you.

The 5 Day-Combination includes 9 practical lessons as well as 1 theory class.

The first two days correspond to the 2-day course and in the remaining 3 days you have the opportunity to implement what you learnd on a rental basis and to further deepen your knowledge.

Depending on your time and stamina you have free choice of dates from your rental units.

During your kite course you can also make the internationally recognized VÖWS kite license for a fee of € 30.

What awaits you:

  • Flying with trainerkites
  • Setting up tubekites
  • How to deal with tricky situations on the water
  • Getting to know the safety functions
  • Theory lesson

2 Water lessons:

  • Flying practise with tubekites
  • first exercises with kite and board

3 Days of rental

5 Tageskombi
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€ 439

incl. kite material & wind guarantee

Start & dates

Beginning: 10 am

End: approx. 17 pm

Kite courses start every Friday and Saturday, as well as Monday and Wednesday
(freely selectable for 2 or more people)

Duration of the course

insgesamt ca. 12 Stunden Betreuung

plus 3 Tage Materialverleih


NEW !!! and exklusiv

Our water lessons include radio support with the latest technologie.
By having the instructor in your ear you will never feel alone in the water.

Maximum of 2 students per teacher

Instruction only in small groups.
Greatest learning success through optimal support. (same price)

no hidden costs

Our Prices contain everything you need for kitesurfing including wetsuits, harnesses and boots.

Schooling by Boat

Targeted training with motor boat and radio support

Experienced and trained Kitesurf-instructors

A rounded training concept and our many years of experience in kite instruction guarantee a rapid learning progress

Small groups

The fewer people per kite, the more you learn.

Kitesurf license

In our Kiteschool you have the opportunity to get your kitesurf license

Rental Days of your choice

Your rental days dont need to be consecutive days, you choose when you want to use them.

Wind warranty

Freely selectable replacement date for weather-related cancellation of a course or lesson.

Best infrastructure

WC, hot showers, restaurant, well-kept lawn and chillout area next to the kite school

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