World’s best training spot

Lake Neusiedl, Podersdorf

Info about our kite spot in Podersdorf

With its shallow depth of approx. 1,60 m, the lake Neusiedl is one of the best spots in the world for learning how to kitesurf. Beginners have the huge advantage to be able to get used to the pull of the kite while remaining with their feet on the ground. 

North-western winds are the most common at the lake Neusiedl. Winds from this direction develop from passing weather fronts and can be strong and brisk. More seldomly, there are southern winds that usually are medium to strong and mostly come with fair and warm weather. Other wind directions are by far less likely and not as strong as the above mentioned. 

Podersdorf ist the most popular spot at the lake Neusiedl, especially with northern, western, and southern winds. 


Ideal conditions

The whole lake is shallow enough to stand. 

The windiest lake in Austria

Due to its regular strong winds lake Neusiedl is the windiest lake in Austria. 

Shallow depths

The lake’s shallow depth of roughly 1,5m allows for easy and safe starts into kitesurfing. 

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